Complete your Entire Wedding Attire with the Right Type of Wedding Jewellery

Weddings are incomplete without bridal jewellery. The right bridal jewellery can add to the bride’s aura and make her look special and beautiful.

Stick to Your Budget

Preparing for a wedding means you need to shell out money. You need to plan your jewellery budget accordingly. Have a look at some of the jewellery in the house and see if these can be of some use to you. In the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparations, it is natural that you might miss out of some essential stuff.

Prepare a checklist of the jewellery you wish to purchase. If you plan on going for unique and stylish designs, then you might need to place your order at least a month in advance. This gives you ample of time to modify or alter the jewellery if needed.

Dazzle on Your Special Day with the Right Wedding Jewellery

Every girl dreams of her wedding and wants to look beautiful. The wrong jewellery can spoil the look of the entire wedding outfit.

Gold wedding jewellery tend to be heavy. You might only wear it once, so it is better investing on detachable gold necklace designs with weight which can later be made into simple jewellery. Another important fact that you might need to keep into consideration is that your jewellery matches your wedding attire.

Some of the tips can be of help to you when it comes to finding the right wedding jewellery:

  • Your hairstyle should complement the wedding jewellery
  • Avoid going in for multicoloured jewellery. Stick with one shade of jewellery
  • Weddings consist of different ceremonies, so you can opt for different type of metal gold jewellery for each occasion
  • Your necklace and earrings need to match with the dress neckline and the hairstyle
  • Other accessories such as the nose rings, maang tikka and the toe rings should be according to your preference
  • Ensure that your bangles and unique embedded with precious stones
  • If you are opting for a waist band, ensure that you go for a thin or slim version
  • Go in for heavy work earrings that are light and easy on your ears

Skin Tone and Facial Shape Does Matter

Many of us tend to overlook this fact when it comes to bridal jewellery. If you have a darker complexion then opt for gold jewellery studded with pearls. If you are fair, then you can choose a diamond necklace. If you have a whitish skin tone, the stone, kundan or platinum jewellery will complement you.

Coming to your face shape, the below pointers might be of help to you:

  • Oval shaped face – Opt for long or short necklaces. Team it up with big hoop earrings or danglers
  • Heart shaped face – Opt for chokers or shorter necklaces. Team it up with danglers or teardrop earrings
  • Round shaped face – Opt for long necklaces, with oval, square or teardrop earrings
  • Rectangular shaped face – Opt for choker type necklaces combined with round or short earrings


No matter what type of wedding jewellery you purchase, ensure that you are comfortable wearing them. Be the star at your own wedding and make heads turn with your wedding jewellery.

10 Top Rated Madrid City Tour 2019

Spain is the best place for tourists to experience the real essence of unique enjoyment. There are quite a lot of places to visit and to get engrossed in the excitement of the activities happening in the place that visitors often like to visit the city again and again.

If you are first time visitor to the most exciting place, then ensure that the arrangements are made prior to your trip. You could visit this website:, and plan your holidays well.

Short informative notes on highly popular attraction of Madrid:

  • Prado museum: If you an art lover, then this will lead you into a fascinating world of more than five thousand paintings. You can view paintings of painters from 12th century and even the exclusive paintings of today’s painters.  The collection includes works of Italy, Spain, Britain, France and German painters. It isn’t possible to see all the paintings in a day. Hence, it is best to watch the main prominent priceless painting and Neoclassical sculptures in the allotted hours for a day.
  • Buen Retiro Park and Crystal Palace: It is an oasis in the midst of the city. If you seek peace, then this is a perfect place for it. Spread over one hundred and twenty-hectare, the park has well-maintained landscape beautiful lawns and tree lined paths. The 17th century designed park has a pool in the centre of it. The pool is surrounded by enchanting greenery and has a beautiful fountain in midst of it. The park boasts of having observatory for star gazers and even a cafe for people to enjoy nature while having their favourite beverages.
  • The Royal Palace:  The 18th century palace is stated to be similar to Versailles in style. The whole palace is built by using granite and white Colmenar stone. The spectacular sight of neoclassical style marking columns and Doric pilasters and the balustrade nestling, the sculptures of the kings of Spain is really fascinating to view in the palace grounds. The interiors of the palace are breath taking as the massive stairway is uniquely styled and the residential rooms of the royal family are quite elegant to visualize.
  • Plaza Mayor: The 17th century has witnessed numerous royal ceremonies and commencing of commercial events related to the governance of the kingdom. Presently, it is the meeting place for natives and tourists to enjoy food in the restaurants and shop all year around in the small shops selling all kind of art crafts.
  • Puerta del Sol or the Kilometre Zero: It is a sun emblem earlier present on the entrance of old city gate. It is important point in heart of the city as all the road measurement starts from that point. The place has seen many historical events related to Spain involvement in war against Napoleon.
  • Contemporary art museum: The most attractive sight is the imaginative unique sculptures placed in the well-designed garden of the museum. The collection of every art form is of globally known artists. The garden is enhanced with small cafe, bookshop and restaurant to provide full entertainment to its visitors in one place.
  • Fountain de Cibeles : It is termed to be signature monument of Madrid has been centre of attraction since late 17th century. The fountain reflects the presence of Goddess Cybele of Rome. The Goddess is portrayed to be riding well sculptured lion drawn chariot.
  • Temple of Debod: It is known to be ancient Egypt temple as a gift for Spain. The 2nd century temple and its adjoined gardens has numerous shrines, a prayer hall and levels of terrace.
  • Goya Frescoes: The little chapel visited by locals and tourists alike in the festival honouring Saint Anthony of Padua. Its interior walls are adorned with valuable paintings like art works of Francesco Goya. Presently, the chapel is a national monument hence no religious rituals are performed.
  • The fine arts museum: The Thyssen Bornemisza museum is fortunate to safeguard the finest artworks dating from the beginning of the 13th century. It treasures some of the most unusual art works of well acclaimed artists worldwide.